APA and Trade Missions
APA emphasizes trade experience and through organizing trade missions at APA, direct touches and interactions with commerce, industry or trade associations and professionals through business matching, site tour and networking functions.
Last Concurrent Event at APA 2015
- Hunan Agri-Products Food Tasting Promotion 2015
More than hundred of food tasters attended this specialized event which was co-organzied by China Council For the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-Council and Hong Kong F.S.I (C.H.K.) Association

Agricultural Conference Asia(ACA)
Linking you with professionals

Agricultural Conference Asia (ACA) aims to present the latest industry ideas and solutions for the agricultural industry. Government officials, trade bodies, and leading academic staff will be among the key speakers, sharing their views on the latest agricultural trends, including market intelligence, technology, environmentally-friendly agriculture, investment opportunities, specific countries trade rules and regulations.